The term Merger refers to the fusion of two or more entities wherein the identity of one or more entities is lost while the identity of bigger company (often acquirer company) is retained. While, the process of amalgamation refers to the process of combination or blending of two or more companies in a fashion that both or all lose their identities and a new separate company is formed. There is not much difference in the final outcome of both merger and amalgamation except that in former identity of acquirer/bigger company is retained while in latter new entity is formed therefore, notwithstanding the technical difference, both the terms are normally used interchangeably or as synonyms in general parlance. On the other hand an acquisition is simply a purchase of one company by another company wherein no new company is formed. There are plenty of benefits of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), prominent amongst them are an increased value generation, cost efficiency and gaining access to new markets or increase in market share.

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