IPR Litigation

Our team advises on protecting the very crucial assets of the business in today’s environment i.e. intellectual property rights. It may a logo, design, patent, copyright, or any other form of intellectual property. We advise on protecting and defending this key asset. The matter may relate to plagiarism, infringement, claiming damages, search or seizure, our team of legal professionals and sectoral experts have good amount experience to strategize and protect any kind of intellectual property. Equipped with expertise to deal across the life cycle of intangible creation of human intellect, we provide services relating to:

  • Actions for plagiarism, copying, Infringement & Passing Off;
  • Actions for protection of IPR inclusive of prohibitory and restraining injunctions;
  • Actions for search and seizure of the infringing/counterfeit materials;
  • Actions for compensation, damages & rendering of accounts regarding misuse/infringement;
  • Handling proceedings for raising/defending objections during the registration process of IPR;
  • Handling proceedings before Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB);
  • Drafting of Cease and Desist notices;

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