Equity is one of the most economical forms of raising funds for a Company since there is no requirement to pay any dividend to the Equity Shareholders but it is also extremely risky in nature. Since it is risky in nature, the maximum amount of profit can also be achieved through the form of Equity itself. The well known saying “Greater the risk taken greater the profit / loss, lesser the risk taken lesser is the profit / loss” completely fits with business and entrepreneurial environment. We, at the firm assist investors in strategies for entry and make their experience simpler as an investor. We also assist in all stages of funding cycle including seed capital, first round and down round funding. We act for private equity houses, venture capitalists, founders and management. Our firm provides high end solutions for Private Equity investors to invest in companies and bring about a long term business strategy to yield high outputs. Services include:

  • Conducting comprehensive legal and commercial due diligence of business.
  • Negotiation assistance from Term Sheet stage till finalization of Shareholders & Share Subscription Agreement (SSHA)
  • Drafting of documents such as Teaser, Information Memorandum and terms sheet etc.
  • Drafting, vetting and review of legal documents required such as Shareholders Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Investment Agreement etc.
  • Compliance Management with regard to the transaction etc.
  • Documentation, including drafting and review of Shareholder and Joint Venture Agreements, Merger and De- merger Schemes, business acquisition documents and documentation related to open offers and capital markets related transactions.
  • Incorporation of clauses/ conditions to tighten/ safeguard the investment in the Indian Start Up space and proposed exit options
  • Advisory services of Share Offering Memorandum, Adherence Deed, inclusion of conditions to safeguard investments and pre emptive litigation/ ADR options.
  • Drafting and review of ancillary documents, including technology and intellectual property license agreements, service agreements, marketing and distribution agreements, manufacturing, confidentiality, non compete, voting trust and escrow agreements.
  • Advice on Exemptions/Privileges under Start Up India Scheme (including but not limited to Income Tax exemptions, Regulatory and other exemptions/privileges)


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