Employment Litigation

The firm represents both domestic and international clients and has vast experience in advising on legal, tax and regulatory matters pertaining workforce management. We have a dedicated team of lawyers who have been involved in drafting, reviewing of employment related documents and ensuring that our clients are compliant with all the state and central labour laws. The firm extensively advises to its valuable client on the enforceability of various rights / duties as mentioned in the contractual documents (such as offer letter, appointment letter, non-disclosure, non-compete etc) and also policies documents (such as code of conduct, HR manual aspects) vis-a-vis legal precedents as applicable on the matter in hand and providing appropriate solution/remedy to its clientele whether it is relating to breach, potential breach, violations, or any other similar situations. The firm among other things advises on the following areas:

  • Actions against poaching employees and solicitation of employees/clients;
  • Actions for enforcing non compete and other restrictive clauses;
  • Actions for restraining from sharing/misusing business and trade secrets and clients data/details;
  • Actions for non-serving of notice period and recovery of office articles/assets;
  • Employment & Service Disputes between corporate/management and employees;
  • Labour & Industrial Disputes;

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