Corporate Litigation

As the term suggest, corporate pertains to the corporate (i.e. at top hierarchy) side of the business i.e. it may any dispute among shareholders inter-se, (whether between family members or with any investors, known one or some institutional investor, whether strategic or financial investor, issues pertaining to board matters and also pertaining to CXO level). These may pertain to seed investor, series investor, foreign investor, family board members, or independent board members, may be on account of board seat, relating to authority and responsibility aspects, financial embezzlement, oppression and mismanagement and so on. Further there may be certain matters which do not arise due to any dispute but on account of certain corporate process / decisions i.e. merger, spin off, demerger, etc, proceedings relating to routine defaults (compounding applications), proceedings on account of defaults committed under IBC laws (insolvency proceedings). Following are some of the indicative areas where we have been regularly assisting our clients:

  • Investors, shareholders and directors disputes;
  • Proceedings for Removal of Disqualification of Directors;
  • Approval for the merger/amalgamation and demerger scheme from NCLT;
  • NCLT proceedings in complex matters concerning oppression, mismanagement, refusal to register transfers, investigation, freeze on voting rights etc.
  • Compounding proceedings relating to the violations of the provisions of Companies Act and its rules;
  • Insolvency Proceedings under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code;
  • Proceedings for Revival of Strike Off companies;<
  • Winding up proceedings;
  • Drafting of pre –litigation communications/legal notices.

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