Learning Initiatives

Mentorship - R&P invests in its human capital by embracing a culture of innovation and technology, which improves motivation and better quality work. In addition to the traditional on the job training we offer our young associates formal mentoring programs. These help to bridge the gap between classroom lectures and boardroom negotiations or between moot-court competitions and real world courtroom arguments. We are committed to our associates’ growth and to achieve that we teach them the firm’s culture and the skills they need to achieve success. We believe that mentoring brings transparency and trust that fosters a culture of mutual respect contributing to the firm’s and associates’ professional success.

Practical Training - For associates joining our litigation team, we offer insights on the complexities of a case, as it comes in the door and shed a light on the nuances of handling the practical aspects of the same. The associates are also taught about courtroom strategies and decorum. On the corporate side the associates are shown the importance of knowing the client’s business and methods of advising clients on various transactions. We not only focus on teaching our associates when to advise the client to move forward with a transaction but also how to advise a client to turn down an enticing transaction when its not in our client’s best interest.

Feedback - We believe that a feedback driven culture can harness the skills of young associates making them feel rewarded and as a result improving on their shortcomings.In our firm we strive to build a community of connectedness between associates, partners and staff that allows young lawyers to feel supported and engaged, develop skills, connect with mentors and receive meaningful feedback on a regular basis.



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